Holistic Therapy for Horses

About Me - Jane Hunt

My name is Jane Hunt. I live in Bicker, Lincolnshire. My passion for horses and animals goes back as far as I can remember and have always wanted to be around animals. I was fortunate enough to live out in the countryside and grew up on a farm, surrounded by lots of animals where, from about the age of 2, we also had donkeys and Shetland ponies, progressing to other ponies and horses over the years.

I had been very interested in Holistic Therapies for a long time, but it wasn't until my family were more grown up that I had the time to focus my energies into them.

I wanted to be able to understand my own horse and his individual needs to the best of my ability, so I began by learning Animal Communication, which I found truly amazing and still do. From there I moved on to learn Reiki Healing very soon after. I found this all to be a truly wonderful way of working and connecting with people and animals and soon moved on to work as a Practitioner in it.

Over the years I have continued to learn other techniques / therapies which have continued to help others and to help me in my personal developement.


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