Holistic Therapy for Horses


Below are some testimonials from my previous clients. This list will grow as time goes by.

Testimonial from Julie Woodcock
Over the last few years my life has become "challenging."  We all go through this journey and there are times that the normal coping mechanisms we all have are just not enough any more.  Our human batteries become depleted and our bodies need a gentle healing.  Mine certainly did.

Through a mutual friend, I heard about Jane Hunt and Reiki.  I'd known Jane and her family for many years, but had lost touch.  I rang her and asked about Reiki and its benefits.  I knew that she had had some remarkable results with animals but what about humans and in particular, one very lack lustre, 60 year old, tired with life -  female?  ME !!!  Could Reiki help me? After an initial conversation over the 'phone, an appointment was made.  Jane would visit me at my home at a prearranged time to suit. A few days later she arrived with everything she needed; all I did was lie on her comfortable portable couch in my own familiar surroundings and relax.

I was used to having back massages for aching muscles, but this experience was nothing like that.  An hour flew by very quickly after which I felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from me.  My legs, which before had felt like lead, had suddenly relaxed and felt full of life again and my spirits were lifted.  I felt elated.

This feeling stayed with me for some time and helped kick-start my life again. Jane has a remarkable gift, is very sincere about what she does and is just a lovely girl.  She is very professional and immediately makes you feel at ease. Whether like me you are just world weary, I would recommend this experience to anyone.

Testimonial from Jodi Dixon
Jane first came to my horse Duke in May 2007. Over time Duke's problems got much worse and my vet referred him to Cambridge University for investigation. Unfortunately Cambridge has told me to retire him because he has Herpes virus, which has been brought on by stress, which in turn brings on ataxia weakness in the hind limbs. He was also diagnosed with arthritis
in his neck.

Jane comes and gives Duke Reiki treatment and more recently she is practicing equine touch on him also. Now, he seems much happier and relaxed.  He certainly has and still is benefitting from the treatments. When he is having the treatments, his head drops down instantly, his bottom lip droops, he yawns, sighs and really relaxes in to it and takes it all in.  He loves this time of being pampered.

I have also had Reiki as I wanted to see what it was like.  I have had massages in the past but obviously wanted to test the Reiki out.  I normally find it very hard to "switch off" and relax, but I was so overwhelmed by Reiki.  I felt as if I was floating, I saw lots of bright colours.  In fact it was a very dull day but I felt like the sun had come out!  It was a very relaxing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  Now also I understand why Duke loves it so much and the benefits he gets from it.


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